Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Few Artists You've Never Heard Of ...

So, most of you know I listen to a lot of music. This past week I've been on a bit of a music binge so here goes some of my favorite artists I've recently discovered.

Supersci is a Swedish Hip Hop group that are incredibly dope.  I've had their album "Pinetrees on the Pavement" in constant rotation recently.

Action Bronson is the guy pictured to the right.  He's literally the white Ghostface.  If you like Ghost, you'll like this guy.

Meyhem Lauren is a NY rapper thats in Action Bronson's camp.  Dude is on some intelligent street music reminiscent of the mid 90s.

To slow down the mood a bit, here is Quadron.  RnB? I guess thats what I'd classify the group as.  Anyways, their dope.

congpleXonome is ridiculously dope.  He's got that whole Marshall Mathers LP circa Eminem/Tech-9 style rhyme scheme with a unique voice.  Great Hip Hop.

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