Saturday, January 22, 2011

UFC Fight For the Troops Tonight...

So I was asked by a few friends to go clubbing tonight but I'm not much of a caveman plus I don't feel like having those awkward "can i get you a drink" conversations that happen oh too many times at the club.  People don't get me sometimes, I'm not the type of person that needs a social setting, my mind gives me enough company. Anyways, I thought I'd be productive and not skip out on posting after day two (cmon, im atleast a little committed....right ladies? actually dont answer that...)

Sooooo UFC Fight for the Troops is on tonight.  I doubt any fight on this card as gonna be as good as Edgar/Maynard during UFC 125, that being said, I doubt alotta fights are gonna compete with that one this year.  The good news is, there  are quite a few entertaining and up and coming fighters on the card.  We got Mark Hominick, Melvin Guillard, Matt Mitrione, George Roop, Evan Dunham, and the thug jitsu master Yves Edwards all fighting tonight.  Hominick/Roop is guaranteed to be exciting and is probably the best card on the fight unless Evan Dunham decides to grow nuts and slug it out with Melvin Guillard (which I doubt...)  Alright so here are my picks for tonight (im betting as well so hopefully i win some money)

Matt Mitrione defeats Tim Hague via unanimous decision

Pat Barry defeats Joey Beltran via 3rd Round KO/TKO

Damarques Jhonson defeats Michael Guymon via unanimous decision

George Roop defeats Mark Hominick via 2nd Round KO/TKO

Yves Edwards defeats Cody McKenzie via 2nd ROund KO/TKO

Evan Dunham defeats Melvin Guillard via split decision

Alright, so those are the only fights I give a fuck about on this card.  If you aren't into MMA I apologize for just writing on my hip hop blog about it...oh well. its bound to happen again.  Alright Im out for the easy people.


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